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Molly Meyer

Grand Marais, MN
North House Folk School photo of instructor, Molly Meyer

Molly grew up in Northern Minnesota, foraging, fishing, climbing trees, and milking goats. From a young age, they have had a strong yearning to create from natural materials and to live close to the earth and its natural rhythms. They have studied traditional craft through a variety of channels including personal exploration, studying at a craft school in Norway, and sharing and recieving knowledge with many generous others who live the handcrafted lifestyle. Luxury and quality are among Molly's values when it comes to style of living, and is a large driver of why she does what she does. For Molly, this is a rich and fulfilling way of life. Molly continues to find meaning in the old ways, shearing sheep by hand, tanning hides traditionally, weaving with natural materials, netting fish, and more. 

Past Courses Offered by Molly Meyer

Bark Tanned Sheep Hides

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