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Mark Hansen

Grand Marais, MN
North House Folk School photo of instructor, Mark Hansen
Mark was introduced to the craft of wooden ski making after meeting Marvin Salo, whose father was a master ski maker trained in the old Saami school of ski construction, nearly two decades ago. Since then, he has collaborated with ski historians, researchers, and builders, to learn about the wooden ski’s origin, design variations, cultural functions and construction methods. From his findings, Mark has been teaching students from around the globe about wooden ski construction. His investigations into the wooden ski have also led him to a number of exhibitions, commissions and presentations on the subject. Mark’s interest in traditional methods of transportation throughout northern cultures also include wooden work boat construction, from birch bark canoes to Norse prams; toboggan and sled construction; northern clothing; and traditional shelter designs, including the yurt. Mark was instrumental in the founding of the North House Folk School. He operates his own business, Hansen Boat Works, and was recently nominated to receive an invitation for the Bush Foundation’s Enduring Vision Award.