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Lonnie Dupre

Grand Marais, MN
North House Folk School photo of instructor, Lonnie Dupre

During an Arctic career spanning more than two decades, Lonnie Dupre has traveled over 14,000 miles throughout the high Arctic regions of northeastern Russia, Lapland, Alaska, Canada and Greenland. He has led five major Arctic expeditions and participated in six. Lonnie's expeditions have been featured in Reader's Digest, Sports Illustrated, Outside, and National Geographic Online. In 1991, he organized and led the Northwest Passage Expedition, making a 3,000-mile transit of the Canadian Arctic by dog sled while comparing changes in Inuit culture since Knud Rasmussen’s expedition in 1923. Recently, Lonnie worked on the One World Expedition project, a trip from Greenland to the North Pole, pulling and paddling specially modified canoes across shifting sea ice and open ocean to raise awareness of global warming and climate change. Visit

Past Courses Offered by Lonnie Dupre

Dovetail Log Cabin: Builder's Workshop

Dovetail Log Sauna or Cabin: Build Your Own

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