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Kate Hartman

Madison, WI
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Kate first learned to knit in high school. Since then, she has explored a variety of knitting traditions, including both the English/American and Continental knitting techniques, lace knitting, Aran, and the multi-colored Fair Isle and Scandinavian techniques. Kate enjoys making sweaters, socks, mittens, and other garments in a variety of styles and materials, using many of her own wheel-spun yarns. She likes teaching and believes that enjoyment and enthusiasm are necessary as adults learn a new craft. Kate currently resides in Madison, Wisconsin, and has the good fortune of to be married to a knitter/spinner.

Current Courses Offered by Kate Hartman

2 Days
Teaser image for Family Class - Help Yourself To Knitting: Beginning Knitting Class

Family Class - Help Yourself To Knitting: Beginning Knitting Class

This class is an enjoyable, two-day beginning knitting class which focuses not only on basic stitches and skills, but also on recognizing and correcting common mistakes which often frustrate the beginner. Topics include basic knitting skills, yarn basics and pattern reading. You will be provided with a beginning book, one…
Thu, Jul 12th, 2018  –  Fri, Jul 13th, 2018
Instructor: Kate Hartman
Thu, Oct 18th, 2018  –  Fri, Oct 19th, 2018
Instructor: Kate Hartman
½ Day
Teaser image for Kids Only - Kids Knit! (morning session)

Kids Only - Kids Knit! (morning session)

Get started on a lifelong hobby by learning the basics of knitting. Expert knitters and very patient teachers Allen Holzheuter and Kate Hartman will help kids learn how to maneuver those needles and have them knitting by noon. Kids can be accompanied by an adult (even old dogs can learn…
Sat, Oct 20th, 2018
1¼ Days
Teaser image for Knitting Socks: The Essential Craft

Knitting Socks: The Essential Craft

Build your own boat and timber frame your own home - so why not knit your own socks? After all, "you can't go barefoot," as your mom used to say. In this day-long introduction to knitting socks, you’ll be on your way to making your own socks for the rest…
Sat, Oct 20th, 2018  –  Sun, Oct 21st, 2018
Instructor: Kate Hartman

Past Courses Offered by Kate Hartman

Beyond Scarves and Dishclothes: Understanding Printed Knitting Directions for Flat Projects

Kids Only - Kids Knit! (afternoon session)

Knitting in the Round: Understanding and Following Knitting Directions for "In the Round" Projects

Knitting in the Round: Using Circular Needles

Knitting: Moving Beyond the Basics