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Karen Rognsvoog

Golden Valley, MN
North House Folk School photo of instructor, Karen Rognsvoog

Karen Rognsvoog has been dyeing fibers with natural plant dyes and growing dye plants since the mid '70s. Boiling plants to extract the colors of nature has been a passion an inexpensive hobby for her. Using her art degree and hands-on experience, she discovered that earth pigments and natural plant dye extracts can be made into permanent paints that can be used on a variety of pre-treated textiles and paper. She is a professional pianist and amateur celllist. When not painting or carving woodblocks, she teaches piano lessons to grown-ups. She lives in Golden Valley with her two curious cats Ludwig and Wolffie who try their best to make cat-prints on her artwork.

Past Courses Offered by Karen Rognsvoog

Natural Dyes & Earth Pigments for Basketry

Natural Dyes for Basket Making

Natural Plant Dyes

Nordic-Inspired Surface Design: Block Printing on Fabric

Scandinavian-Inspired Surface Design: Block Printing on Fabric for Garments and Home Furnishings

Surface Design on Fabric

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