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Natural Dyes & Earth Pigments for Basketry

Course Overview

Natural plant dyes and earth pigments (soil) can add infinite possibilities to highlight or accent your weaving by adding unexpected color to your projects. Instructor Karen Rognsvoog is an experienced natural dyer who is offering her knowledge to experiment with basket making materials. On the first day, we will use earth pigments and natural plant dye extracts (indigo and more) to paint and color your reeds, ash and other basket materials.  Earth pigments and plant extracts need to be mixed with soy milk to make “paint” and that paint is then directly applied to your weaving materials with brushes.  On the second day, we will be submerging our basket materials in buckets and vats of colors that have been prepared using plants for the color source. While we will provide some things to dye, please plan to bring lots of your favorite basket making materials to experiment with these processes.    

Course Details

Length: 2 Days