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Erik Simula

Finland, MN
North House Folk School photo of instructor, Erik Simula

Erik is a master birch bark canoe builder, instructor at Wolf Ridge Environmental Learning Center, and director of the Arrowhead Wilderness School, whose mission is deep ecology education. Inspired by Finnish, Saami, and Anishinabe art and culture, Erik hikes or skis in the woods daily, enjoys a weekly wood-fired sauna, and leads a subsistence lifestyle which includes maple syruping, organic orcharding, harvesting wild rice, netting fish and hauling firewood with his sled dog team. A former national park ranger at Grand Portage National Monument and outdoor skills instructor for Voyageur Outward Bound and Vermillion College in Ely, Minnesota, Erik's many skills include being a logsmith, dogsled builder, snowshoe-maker, and wilderness guide.

Current Courses Offered by Erik Simula

5 Days
Teaser image for Birch Bark Canoes: Traditional Construction

Birch Bark Canoes: Traditional Construction

Explore the history, construction, and use of the Native American birch bark canoe in this hands-on course. Paddled for centuries on the lakes and rivers of the interior, all the necessary materials can be sustainably harvested from a healthy boreal forest: birch bark, cedar, spruce root, and spruce gum. During…
Mon, Jun 17th, 2019  –  Fri, Jun 21st, 2019
Instructor: Erik Simula