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Alex Yerks

St. Paul, MN
North House Folk School photo of instructor, Alex Yerks

Alex was born and raised on a mountain in Upstate New York and grew up wandering around the surrounding woods. Brought up to rely on his natural surroundings, he instinctively works with the natural resources of the forest, utilizing the unique qualities of each tree in his projects. Alex has been a daily carver for fifteen years and teaches nationally and internationally at Spoonfest in England, The Milan Spoon Gathering, various workshops in Wales, Holland, Scotland, New Zealand, Australia and at his workshop in St Paul. His main focus is carving Scandinavian drinking cups called kuksas.

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Past Courses Offered by Alex Yerks

Give Some Heart: Carving Wooden Hearts

Kuksa Carving: Traditional Scandinavian Drinking Cup

Kuksa Carving: Traditional Scandinavian Drinking Cup

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