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Slow Breads: Using Time to Develop Flavor and Texture

Course Overview

This class puts a different definition to “time being of the essence.” Far from speeding through a process, we’ll explore how time improves the experience of baking various small breads. On day one, we’ll mix a variety of doughs, some of which will be laminated with butter. Likely options will include buttery brioche, which we’ll use in a a couple of ways, including a chocolate babka; bialys studded with onions and poppy seed; rye buns, and a basic hearth bread recipe that we’ll put to a variety of uses. After these doughs gain flavor with a slow overnight rise, we’ll spend day two turning them into works of art, and sustenance. Some prior baking experience will be helpful in this class, but beginning bakers are welcome.

Course Details

Length: 2 Days

Currently Scheduled Sessions