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Meat Preservation: The Basics and Beyond

Course Overview

It can be difficult to find (and expensive to buy) meats prepared without unnecessary preservatives or from responsibly-sourced animals. In this class you will revisit time-honored skills that have fallen out of daily use and learn important lessons about how meats have been preserved in the past so you can enjoy quality home-processed meats in the future. Through both hands-on participation and demonstration, you’ll cover a wide variety of skills and products including: rendering lard for a healthy natural fat source, dehydration and drying meats, preparing fresh sausages, smoking bone-in meats, sausage, whole muscle meats, fish, and sausage, and cover freezing, brining, and curing a variety of meats as well. Students will take home a basketful of samples and the knowledge to tackle meat preservation in their home kitchens.

Course Details

Length: 3 Days