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Flatbreads from Around the World

Course Overview

Flatbreads are quick to make, easy to bake on griddles, piles of hot coals, or in a hot oven, and they can bring many new grains into your kitchen that typically aren’t used in loaf breads. One part bread science, one part history and culture, and two parts tasty, come take a journey to many corners of the world to see how other people in other places create their breads. We will make unleavened breads and crackers, leavened wheat-based breads, and filled flatbreads. We will bake our bread with various methods, including on the stovetop and in the large outdoor wood-fired oven, and we will prepare complimentary side dishes to accompany them. Flatbreads are humans’ first bread…come see why! This course requires the ability to stand for a majority of the day, to knead dough by hand, and to walk between the teaching kitchen and the outdoor wood-fired oven.

Currently Scheduled Sessions

No sessions currently scheduled for this course.

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