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Fiber Art

Carve a Loom, Weave a Band: Weaving Session

Course Overview

Wood carving and weaving come together in this unique offering designed for pairs of students: one ready to wield a carving knife, the other to learn the warp and weft. Come with a friend or partner to carve a traditional band loom and learn how to weave on it in three days! One of the partners will work with Roger carving a band loom, the other partner works with Reggie to learn how to weave on a band loom. Both courses will happen in the same room, so the entire group will be able to learn and share together. Note, each partner must register separately for their course.

Weavers will learn to set up and weave on a basic band loom. Measuring, warping, and weaving basic stripes will start off the class. Once the strip of plain weave has been mastered, students will quickly move on to the advanced pick-up patterns that decorate costumes, headbands, bag straps, and more. Learn how to design and set up patterns and drafts. Weavers will leave the class with strips of woven bands, elaborate bookmarks, headbands or ribbons, a back strap belt, and a booklet to take home of patterns and blank charts.

Required Tools

All tools will be provided

Currently Scheduled Sessions

Mon, Jul 1st, 2024  –  Wed, Jul 3rd, 2024
9am-5pm each day
Instructor: Reggie Delarm