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Build Hans' Fish House

Course Overview

This course is really the same as the popular Build Thoreau's Cabin, except with a little North Shore flair and a bigger building project. The class is designed for the person with little or no building experience who is thinking about constructing a small frame building. Nearly anyone can come away from this course with the skills needed for building virtually any small structure - including that cabin on the lake. Students will learn the use of basic hand and power tools, and develop a knowledge of the materials and techniques used in frame or "stick" construction. As a learning project, the class will construct a 16' x30' replica historic 'fish house' used by North Shore commercial fisherman, Hans Engelson. The building will be built on a poured concrete slab finished with wood flooring and a big set of double doors facing the Lake - providing the ideal opportunity for experience focused on framing, roofing, siding, flooring, window and door installation.

Course Details

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