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Bucket Making: White Cooperage

Course Overview

Is there a hole in your bucket (dear Liza)? Well then, with what shall you fix it? Explore the craft of barrel making and get the skills and instruction to ensure you won't end up like Liza. During this workshop students explore the different elements of the cooperage craft - white, slack and wet. Each student builds a wooden bucket that can be custom sized to meet your needs (wine bucket, sauna bucket, fruit bucket, water fetching bucket, etc.) Shaping the wood, making the metal hoops, and assembling the bucket will all be covered. Both hand and power tools will be examined in relation to the craft of white cooperage, allowing you to return home with the skills, knowledge and know-how to keep on with the buckets. Drilling a hole in bottom of the bucket is, of course, optional.

Course Details

Length: 2 Days

Currently Scheduled Sessions