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Bowl Carving in the Swedish Style with Beth Moen

Course Overview

Featured Instructor Beth Moen will teach a four day course in carving wooden bowls, inspired by the traditional Swedish “trug” design. These are large, open vessels historically used for separating milk on Swedish farms. Many people have also found these large, low, open bowls to be very useful for mixing and proofing bread dough. Students will begin with a birch log, create half log bowl blanks, and then set to work using a variety of hand tools, including carving axes, adzes, scorps, gouges, planes and shaves for the hollowing, shaping and finishing. Beth will demonstrate the use of several specialty tools made by Swedish blacksmiths and not yet in common use in the US. There will be examples of finished bowls to study, and from an austere traditional finish to beautiful bright colors and/or decorative carving, many options exist. This four day course provides students an opportunity to immerse in the world of green woodworking with a premier Swedish craft instructor. This is an active and physical course, but with the proper instruction, anyone with the interest and motivation can have success. This is a gateway project for students wishing to learn about working with green wood and offers an excellent opportunity practice successful drying techniques, an integral part of the process.

Currently Scheduled Sessions

No sessions currently scheduled for this course.