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Kioke: Japanese Coopered Vessels with Shuji Nakagawa

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Course Overview

Kioke are Japanese coopered vessels dating back several thousand years. Historically they were used as massive vats for fermentation as well as the finest tableware. North House is honored to welcome third-generation cooper Shuji Nakagawa to teach a six day class in this specialized craft, rarely taught outside Japan. Using hand tools including drawknives and a variety of kanna (Japanese hand planes), students will take rough cut cedar to a smooth and fine surface to craft a small coopered bucket, finished with beautiful silver bands. This once-in a lifetime experience will include history and culture, and an exploration of how this ancient work remains relevant and modern in the world today. Note, this course will be taught in Japanese with a translator present. While no specific woodworking skills are required to enroll, they are highly encouraged for this course. Students with little experience working with hand tools should be prepared for a steep and challenging learning curve. Students will be gripping hand tools for much of each day, which requires moderate hand strength. The materials fee will be due to North House during class (varies, $75 and up).


Required Tools

  • All tools will be provided

Optional Tools

  • A sharp drawknife if you have one


Fri, Sep 13th, 2024  –  Wed, Sep 18th, 2024

Course Details

Hours: 9am-5pm each day
Tuition: $900.00
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Meet the Instructor

North House Folk School photo of instructor, Shuji Nakagawa
Shuji Nakagawa
Hira, Shiga Prefecture Japan

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Kioke: Japanese Coopered Vessels with Shuji Nakagawa