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Glorious Grains and Beans

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Course Overview

This class will feature recipes, insights, and information about these two very important crops. Grains and beans are delicious, versatile plant-based proteins that are good for us as well as the soil. They are fundamental to regenerative agriculture, growing food in ways that retain topsoil, shelter pollinators, stem erosion, and capture carbon. Join award-winning food writer Beth Dooley for an afternoon of hands-on cooking exploration using these multi-faceted, powerful proteins.

Required Tools

  • All required tools/materials are provided by your instructor and North House and will be available once the course begins


Sat, Nov 11th, 2023

Course Details

Hours: 2-5pm
Tuition: $75.00
Materials fee: $22.00
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Meet the Instructor

North House Folk School photo of instructor, Beth Dooley
Beth Dooley
Minneapolis, MN

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Glorious Grains and Beans