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Exploring Canister Design with the Ancient Shrink Pot Technique: Online Webinar

Course Overview


Shrink pots are ingenious and somewhat obscure wooden containers that were made long ago as a primitive form of coopering in the wooded lands of Northern Europe. Book boxes, grain storage, and holding keepsakes were some of their uses. The “shrink pot” technique takes advantage of the fact that wood shrinks as it dries. The body is carved from wet freshly felled wood, shaped and hollowed, then a dry wooden base is inserted. As the wood dries, the base is locked into place. Wooden lids are sometimes added to fit snugly, slide in, or even screw on. In this webinar we will explore the history of the technique which likely predates coopering—the technique used to make wooden buckets. We will look at photos of old and new vessels and be amazed and inspired by the variety of forms and new possibilities that modern woodworkers from around the world are creating using this technique. We will also cover the basic tool kit needed and general process to begin making these interesting vessels on your own.


Thu, Sep 17th, 2020

Course Details

Length: 0.25 Days
Skill Levels: Beginner to Advanced
Hours: 6:30pm-8:30pm CT
Intergenerational age: N/A
Tuition: $25.00


You will need the following tools for this class:

You will need a laptop computer, tablet, or smartphone to access this online webinar. A device with a larger screen works best for viewing and participating, but a smartphone can work in a pinch.

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Meet the Instructor

North House Folk School photo of instructor, Jarrod Dahl
Jarrod Dahl
Ashland, WI

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Exploring Canister Design with the Ancient Shrink Pot Technique: Online Webinar - 9/17/2020