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Crafting the Traditional Stake & Strand Willow Basket

Course Overview

When northern European immigrants came to North America they brought with them a host of crafts and skills necessary for survival in their new world. The basketry tradition known as ‘stake & strand’ was one such craft, as baskets were used to store nearly everything around the homestead. Learning to weave with sticks of willow is a little different from reed, wood or bark. Willow yields to strong hands, giving beautiful results, and class members will make a sturdy and functional round basket with a handle using a variety of weaves. You’ll learn the techniques behind the terms slath, twining, 3-rod wale, French randing and border weaves. Class discussions will cover willow cultivation and harvest, traditions and lore. The class will assure a new appreciation for the art and craft of basketry, and open a door to the amazing world of willow. Baskets are a cross between whittling, carpentry, weaving and sculpture. Lee & Lindsay see willow as the ultimate renewable resource and have found abundant uses for it in their home and gardens.

Required Tools

  • All required tools will be provided.

Optional Tools

  • Utility knife/box cutter or carving knife
  • Sturdy craft scissors or hand pruner/secateurs
  • Bodkin or thick shafted awl
  • Small side cutter
  • Apron

Session Information

This course will be part of Basket Week 2021! Plan to arrive early for the Basket Gathering on Friday, October 8 for demonstrations, talks and community gatherings.


Fri, Oct 8th, 2021  –  Sun, Oct 10th, 2021

Course Details

Hours: Day 1: 2pm-5pm, Days 2/3: 9am-5pm
Tuition: $235.00
Materials fee: $55.00