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Clothing & Jewelry

Caribou Hair Tufted Jewelry

Course Overview

Tufting caribou and moose hair is an embellishment craft practiced across many northern Indigenous communities and nations. A selection of hair is pinched and tightly secured, causing the individual hairs to fan out in all directions. This results in a soft and wispy poof that is then cut and sculpted into any desired shape. In this class, we’ll pair the tufting technique with an introduction to applique beading. Students will be guided through the selection and handling of leather and other natural materials to create stunning earrings or pendants that will last lifetimes. Note: hand strength and dexterity is required. We will be seated for much of the class. Students ages 16+ are welcome. 

Required Tools

  • Small sharp scissors

Optional Tools

  • This work is quite small and meticulous, each student will be provided a table top light but glasses or other vision aids may be helpful. Students would benefit from a sketchbook to work out their designs and create paper patterns.  


Fri, Jan 26th, 2024  –  Sun, Jan 28th, 2024

Course Details

Hours: 9am-5pm each day
Tuition: $285.00
Materials fee: $150.00
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Meet the Instructor

North House Folk School photo of instructor, Delaney Keshena
Delaney Keshena
Minneapolis, MN

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Caribou Hair Tufted Jewelry