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Blacksmithing: The Basics & Beyond

Course Overview

Always wanted to try your hand at the forge? This is the place to start and continue to develop your blacksmithing skills. You will be introduced to the basic skills of the blacksmith including safety, fire control, tools and equipment in both a classroom and 'on the forge' setting. Student projects will be tailored toward individual skill levels. The class will begin with basic projects such as decorative nail-in-hooks to learn hammer skills. More advanced projects such as basic tool making and decorative/ornamental work will be encountered as class progresses. The first day, the class will use coal forges and the remainder of your time may be on either a coal or gas forge.  This course is tailored to meet your needs on the forge while ensuring consistent and quality work. You will leave with a higher skill level regardless of where you start. Materials fee includes the use of coal/gas for forgework and the cost of steel, etc. This course is open to students ages 14+ if accompanied by an adult.

Required Tools

  • safety glasses
  • ear protection
  • leather gloves
  • jeans
  • cotton shirts (no nylon clothing)
  • leather shoes
  • clothing comfortable to be outdoors


Optional Tools

  • steel punch
  • steel chisels
  • hack saw
  • vice grips
  • channel locks
  • camera
  • your favorite blacksmithing hammer (non claw types)
  • good file for steel
  • tongs or over-sized pliers
  • 4.5" grinder

Session Information

Covid Protocols

In order to provide a safe learning environment for all, we have reduced the size of our blacksmithing courses. Because students work in pairs at each forge, the tuition and materials fee now covers the participation of two students who are in a pod together and can work in close proximity to one another. Note, students can choose to register and work by themselves, but the tuition rate will not be reduced. Social distancing will be practiced between pods, and masks will be required. Extra sanitation measures will be in place as well. We hope to return to larger classes and individual registrations soon!


Thu, Jul 8th, 2021  –  Sun, Jul 11th, 2021

Course Details

Hours: 9am-5pm
Tuition: $680.00
Materials fee: $315.00