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North Shore Pebble Jewelry: Summer Session

Course Overview

Picking up pebbles from the shores of the Great Lakes and elsewhere is a pastime many of us enjoy. Most of these special rocks end up in boxes in the closet. But, in this class, we will turn them into wearable jewelry. We’ll spend an hour or so the first day gathering pebbles on the shore of Lake Superior. By drilling holes in them using diamond encrusted drill bits and connecting them using sterling silver, copper and brass sheet, tubing and wire students will create unique pieces of jewelry. In this class you will learn to drill, file, saw, make connections and a little bit of soldering as you create necklaces, bracelets, earrings and perhaps a ring. Expect to have loads of fun and go home with three or four finished works of wearable art from the shores of Lake Superior.

Currently Scheduled Sessions