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Millinery: Blocking the Straw Hat

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Course Overview

Stylish, cool and durable, these are a far cry from a farmer’s hat! Craft your own personalized straw hat using millinery parasisal or Panama straw blanks. Over a two day period, you will block and finish at least one straw hat. Starting with a “blank,” finely woven straw that comes from skilled artisans in Ecuador and China, we will transform them into functional and beautiful hats. A variety of options from the classic Panama hat to the pork pie to something you dream up from your own sense of style are possible. Students will choose from an array of buttons, ribbons, beads and feathers to personalize their creations.

The class is open to both beginning and advanced milliners. Students should come prepared to have their hands in hot water and be ready for an extensive amount of hand sewing. Sewing experience is helpful, but not necessary.

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