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Intermediate Woodturning: Adding Pattern, Color and Texture to your Work

Course Overview

So you’ve got the hang of making bowls and you’re ready for more? Read on! Woodenware has been embellished since Ancient Egypt: by adding color, pattern and texture, a finished piece reflect the taste, culture and interests of you, the maker.  On Day 1, we will learn how to navigate the extensive collections of folk art available in digital archives in the museums of Norway and Sweden, looking inspiration from carved and painted wooden bowls and other objects. We will then take those ideas and experiment with lay out, carving, and painting with milk paint onto sample boards. Once the samples are dry we will go through various basic finishing steps. Day 2 will be spent on the lathe. After looking at variety of bowl shapes we will learn how to turn a rim that can be carved. Learn to make a standing ring that can be a small simple bead, or enlarge the ring for a place to carve a pattern, or make it even larger and see how to incorporate handles onto bowls. Day 3 will be primarily for self-directed exploration, but will also include instruction in sharpening of turning and carving tools. Some prior lathe experience is advised to get the most out of this course, though information that will be covered in this class can be applied to other woodworking projects. Enrolling in Lathe Turning: The Wooden Bowl is sufficient preparation.

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