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Exploring Colors & Textures in Woodturning for Women/Non-Binary

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Course Overview

A bowl can be many things: elegantly minimal, astonishingly embellished, and everything in between. Spend three days turning various shapes of bowls and exploring texture and color with Elizabeth Weber. The course will discuss form, where to find inspiration, and how to successfully transfer those ideas to finished pieces. We will also cover coloring techniques using milk paint and acrylics. By the end of the course, students will have created pieces that tell a story. This course is open to beginning woodturners, but will have plenty of rich content for more experienced turners as well. Note that students must purchase and bring a specific set of gouges for this class. By request, this session is open to students who identify as women or non-binary, as well as trans folks. An open enrollment session of the same course is available earlier in the week. 

Required Tools 

Optional Tools 

  • Eye and Ear protection is required and is provided, but you may wish to bring your own for fit and comfort


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