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Cider: Crafting Fine Hard Cider at Home

Course Overview

From traditions reaching deep into American and European history, the art of making fine craft ciders is at once satisfying and simple. Lindsay will share many decades of experience making delicious ciders at home. We’ll start by pressing enough apples for a five-gallon batch on North House’s own press (bring apples if you have them). This will be a step-by-step instruction intent on guiding you in making a clear, crisp, enjoyable cider. Participants will learn how to judge a good cider apple, yeast options, equipment, fermentation, and bottling. We will finish the class with a cider tasting, sampling a collection of domestic and imported ciders (note: spittoons will be available or you may want to bring a designated driver). Please join in as we explore the wonderful world of cider.

Age requirement: 21+

Required Tools


  • All tools/materials required for demonstration are provided by your instructor and North House

Optional Tools 

  • Bring your favorite apron if you wish

Currently Scheduled Sessions