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Bushcraft Primer

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Course Overview

In this class we will explore some of the many ways in which the Bushcrafter can transform the everyday common plants of the north country into shelter, tools, rope, fire, food, medicine, wilderness travel equipment, and even hunting and fishing devices using a minimal amount of technological materials and simple tools like the knife, ax, and saw. Students will learn how to twist birch into a primitive cordage that will then be used to construct a high bar pot suspension system for cooking over an open fire. Building on their skills at twisting birch, students will transform a birch branch into a durable locking carabiner. Finally students will practice powerful use of the bush knife (mora 511) by carving pot hook notches into sticks for hanging pots over a cooking fire, and construct a Roy Croft buck saw frame/saw to take back to their camp. We will also test out the comfort and warmth of a highly effective “green house” survival shelter (Super Shelter) that traps the radiant heat from both the fire and the sun allowing one to survive the coldest winter night with a minimal amount of insulative clothing or firewood. Students planning to take the 2 Day Northern Bushcraft intensive are strongly encouraged to take this course.

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