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Blacksmith’s Folding Knife

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Course Overview

Throughout history, blacksmiths have made their own tools, among them the “blacksmith’s knife.” Typically, this is an all-metal knife that could be produced without any woodworking tools, as one would in a blacksmith’s shop. This modern take on the blacksmith’s knife adds the element of being a folding knife to make this more convenient for modern life. In this course, students will be introduced to the fundamentals of knifemaking and learn how to produce a fully-functional tool that will last a lifetime. Over the four days of the class, we will learn how to forge a blade, heat-treat, make a handle, and sharpen the new blade. In addition to these practical skills, we will discuss the history of knifemaking and how to design a knife with intentionality. This course will be well suited to beginners all the way to advanced students alike. This course is open to students ages 14-15 if accompanied by an adult, 16+ without. Youth registrant will receive a 25% intergenerational discount; call to register.
We will be using hammers and working around fire/heat while standing on concrete throughout the day, so some degree of physical stamina is required. This course is designed so that the most physically demanding day will be the first day with a transition to more fine hand skills.

Required Tools

  • All natural clothing (no synthetic fabrics can be worn in the shop due to fire safety)
  • Work boots (preferably with steel toe)
  • Hearing and eye protection will be provided

Optional Tools

  • A favorite forging hammer
  • Personal tongs
  • Personal files
  • Personal Apron

Currently Scheduled Sessions