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May-October 2021: Plan Ahead, Get Info, Work Together

Updated October 15, 2021


This construction wrapped up on schedule in October 2021. Keep an eye out for North House's new timbered stairs pedestrian access to campus that will be built just east of the yellow building / school store.

Important neighborhood improvements are underway! Highway 61 will be under construction again this summer and fall (scheduled to run May-October), with much of the work taking place immediately adjacent to the North House campus. Three key things to keep in mind:

  • Arrive a little early: pedestrian access to campus will remain possible throughout construction, but may take a bit of extra time.
  • Finding a different spot to park: parking along Highway 61 will not be available, but new public parking and nearby streets are both options (bring your walking shoes!) We will have on campus ADA parking available.
  • Remember, these improvements will make our community safer and even more pedestrian friendly: Grand Marais has been working towards these improvements for years, working together we can minimize the impact of a little extra dust and noise.


Several resources are available to help you anticipate how things will work — as additional information is available we will update this page.

North House Neighborhood Map

We created this map to make it easy to see pedestrian routes, nearby parking options, and construction areas. Download a printable version here


MN Dept of Transportation Detour Maps

Two different maps highlight the two distinct periods of construction (May-August and August-October) and alternative routes into Grand Marais. 

Click the maps to enlarge, or download printable versions here: May-August and August-October


Project Information

We’re excited about the increased pedestrian safety and campus access that will result following this long-planned project. During the same time period and linked into the Highway 61 construction, North House will complete two key campus projects: a new service driveway on the east side of campus (immediately adjacent to the Angry Trout) as well as a new pedestrian stairway next to our Yellow House/School Store.  

To learn more about MNDOTs plan you can read about the project here.

North House implores MnDOT to continue to improve the roads it manages so they are safe for all users, especially pedestrians and cyclists. Hundreds of Minnesotans (and ~40,000 Americans) are killed each year in violent accidents caused by cars driving on roads that lack adequate safety measures. Transportation is the leading cause of carbon-based greenhouse gas emissions, toxic air pollution, and particluate matter in Minnesota. It's pertinent that MnDOT continues and expands its committment to greatly increase safety and reduce Vehicle Miles Travelled across the state with the goal of eliminating citizens' dependency on car-based transportation systems as quickly as possible.


We know a little advance planning and patience will be required from all of us. If you have questions or concerns about how this might impact you, please contact or 218-387-9762.