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Stavlinebygg 26’ x 16’ timberframe

This beautiful hand-hewn structure was built in 2017 by North House students with international instructor & craftsman Trond Oalaan of Norway. Starting with red pine logs, the students worked for days to hew the logs into timbers using traditional handaxes. Using primarily hand tools, the students cut the joinery for a stavlinebygg, a traditional post-style building used as a barn, boathouse or other storage from 1700's Norway. The stavlinebygg has stood on the North House campus where it has served as a shelter for many courses and events since its completion in May 2017, but is now ready to find a permanent home. As far as we know, this is the only building of its kind in North America.

The structure measures approx 15.5' x 26' and stands 14' tall and can be disassembled, transported and reassembled. Metal roofing material is included in the price.Transportation and reassembly is the responsiblity of the buyer. Approximate weight of the timbers is 6,000lbs.

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