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Kyle Lind

Grand Marais, MN
North House Folk School photo of instructor, Kyle Lind
After leading a Huckleberry Finn-esque childhood Lindy was naturally drawn to the world of Bushcraft. His passion for wilderness and the wilderness way of life is palpable, and has led him to seek out the traditional knowledge and crafts of northern indigenous cultures. In addition to teaching wilderness survival and Bushcraft in the Rocky Mountains and northern Minnesota, Lindy was a North House Folk School Intern in 2013 where he built a 17 foot birch bark canoe. Today Lindy is putting his knowledge of bush living to the test as he, and his wife, pursue a subsistence life style from their off grid-water access only property at the edge of the BWCAW. They are currently building a trapper style log cabin to serve as their home and base camp for wilderness adventures, and Bushcraft experimentation. True to form, and in keeping with his dedication to the wilderness way of life, they are building the cabin with a minimum of simple hand powered tools out of trees from the property, proving once and for all that Lindy is not far from the mark when he says "all I need to live is my axe, my crooked knife, and the land."