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Beth Homa Kraus

St.Paul, MN
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Beth Homa is a full-time basket weaver.. After studying painting in college and working as a caseworker for the homeless, she interned at North House Folk School where she learned many traditional crafts including boat building, but mostly different styles of basketry. This sparked her obsession with birch bark, which is now her main medium. She sustainably harvests and processes her own materials by hand. Beth is always trying to figure out what she can make out of birch bark next and how to share this durable and beautiful material with people.

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Current Courses Offered by Beth Homa Kraus

2 Days
Teaser image for Birch Bark Sawtooth Table Basket

Birch Bark Sawtooth Table Basket

Discover the sturdiness and the beauty of birch bark by weaving a medium table top basket; perfect for organizing or displaying with its large base, shallow walls, and sturdy rim structure. This rim design will elevate your weaving skills by adding a three-dimensional pattern that mimics the zigzags of the…
Sat, Nov 7th, 2020  –  Sun, Nov 8th, 2020
Instructor: Beth Homa Kraus

Past Courses Offered by Beth Homa Kraus

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