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Amber Jensen

Minneapolis, MN
North House Folk School photo of instructor, Amber Jensen

Amber Jensen is a textile artist and painter, creating work in her South Minneapolis studio. Her work and studio are an intimate, visual invitation into that often elusive and fantastical sense of belonging we so often yearn for. Each piece welcomes you to connect with her deep knowing or feeling for a sense of place, home and shelter. 

“Weaving takes time. Good design takes time. This is how we keep traditional crafts vibrant, dynamic and relevant in a world of mass production. Each step is meditative and thoughtful; each finished piece is a visual reflection of time, care and love of place. What happens next, as the cloth is marked by new travels and forms to its new caretaker, inspires my imagination and the desire to create more.” -Amber M. Jensen

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Past Courses Offered by Amber Jensen

Exploring Color and Texture: Beginning Floor Loom Weaving

Exploring Color and Texture: Beginning Floor Loom Weaving

The Handwoven Backpack

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