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Wildlife Tracking through Remote Camera Photography

Course Overview

Our wild counterparts thrive all around us often unseen. What if there was a way to open a window to the secret lives of wildlife? Remote camera technology and tracking techniques can provide us valuable opportunities to study and learn about the natural history of the animals in our backyards.  Remote camera photography is the use of a compact camera that is linked to a motion sensor that takes pictures of wildlife in the field without an operator. Students will learn the natural history of local wildlife (including habitat types, behavior, movement patterns), a variety of camera trap settings, and get ideas for setting up their own camera at home. Have you ever wondered what creatures share the hiking trails or what eats a dead deer? We can uncover answers to questions like these and many more with the tools available to the modern naturalist. This alternative perspective on wildlife photography yields images that inspire curiosity and form unique stories. We will be visiting different remote camera setups in the field and learning about proper setup and settings. As we travel to and between sights we will cover wildlife tracking and interpreting sign. Participants should be comfortable walking distances of one mile on uneven ground through wooded areas and varied conditions.

Course Details

Length: 1¼ Days