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Warped to Weave: Floor Loom Warping Refresher Online

Course Overview

Dressing a floor loom for weaving is a complex multi-step process, AND an essential part of weaving. This class is intended for people who have a floor loom and need a refresher in warping, or want to learn new tricks to ease the warping process. Students will learn to warp the loom from back to front. Students will plan their project and purchase materials ahead of time using a provided “Project Planning sheet.” In class, we will cover warping on a pegged warping board, beaming the warp onto the loom, threading heddles, sleying the reed, tying on or lashing on, tying up the treadles, and tensioning the warp to prepare for weaving. Students will watch the instructor demonstrate the steps in class, and then complete the step on their own floor loom by the next class. Classes will be recorded so students can refer to the demonstration videos again later. The instructor will be demonstrating on a jack loom, but students with other types of looms are welcome.

Course Details

Length: 4 Days

Currently Scheduled Sessions