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Warp and Weft: Introduction to Floor Loom Weaving

Course Overview

Textiles are integral in our lives, yet so often overlooked! Creating one’s own cloth empowers expression through color, texture, and design. In this course, we will explore these elements through weaving on a four-harness floor loom. Students will learn the principles of handweaving, including designing a project, preparing a warp, dressing a floor loom, and weaving their own cloth. After this 4-day course, students will gain an understanding of how woven cloth is created, how to read a pattern draft (the language of weaving), and basic weave structures. Each student will create a finished wool scarf or cotton table-runner, an expression of their own aesthetics.

Required Tools

  • Pencil
  • Calculator
  • Colored Pencils
  • Graph Paper

Course Details