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Ukulele: Build Your Own

Course Overview

While we may associate the sounds of the ukulele with more tropical locales, this easy to pack and play instrument has a lot to offer any musician--aspiring or professional, Northern or otherwise.  Join luthier David Seaton to build a northwoods ukulele in just five days made of locally harvested maple, birch and spruce.  Students will use mainly hand tools and a few simple jigs and will learn some the basic principles of stringed instrument construction while assembling their instruments. After all, the tenor ukulele is fun to build, easy to play, and a downright cute addition to any musical quiver. All materials are included so you can have a playable instrument when we’re finished. The simple design allows you to produce a great sounding instrument with a minimum of wood working experience. After the instruments are all assembled we’ll set up the action and string them up on the last day. Note, students should have some familiarity with woodworking skills and have reasonable hand strength. Contact North House if you wish to discuss this further.

Some of the heavy woodworking has already been done but there’s plenty of challenge for the novice and experienced woodworker in this class. The basic form will be enough for most but more experienced wood workers will have a chance to make embellishments along the way. Finishing will be discussed and demonstrated as well as some tips for long term care and handling. Everything you need to assemble a beautiful ukulele is included. Cases will be available from the instructor.

Course Details

Length: 5 Days