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Spoon Carving: Advanced Shapes & Techniques with Barn

Course Overview

This course will take a deep dive into two of the more challenging components of spoon carving: techniques that make the work physically sustainable and more efficient, and really delving into design with one of the world’s foremost spoon carvers, Barn the Spoon. We’ll start by exploring the use of equipment like shaving horses and spoon mules which speed up production but are also more gentle on their hands. Learn a multitude of techniques using personal tools, and try out a selection of specialist tools Barn will provide. Then, we’ll get to work making iconic spoon designs. There will be plenty of opportunity to focus on the tricky aspects of achieving the desired form and finish. Barn will guide students through advanced hollowing techniques to get the perfect smooth bowl on complex hollows, and smooth neck transitions on tricky spoon designs. This class is best suited for students who have some experience and competency carving spoons—it is not appropriate for novice carvers.

We are so pleased to welcome Barn as the Featured Guest for Wood Week 2023. Plan to arrive early for the Carvers Conference on March 17, when Barn and others will offer presentations and community gatherings. 

Required Tools 

  • Please bring your spoon carving tools.

Currently Scheduled Sessions

No sessions currently scheduled for this course.

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