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Clothing & Jewelry

Sew Your Own: Wet-Felted Vest

Course Overview

The vest is a versatile part of everyone's wardrobe. It is a layer that adds comfort and style. When made from soft, felted wool it helps adapt your own body temperature to the outside environment in all of our Northern seasons. Men and women can make these vests - a handsome and flexible garment to wear over a shirt or under a jacket. In this class you will create a vest pattern to your own specifications - long or short, slim or loose fitting. Then you will design and create your own felted panels for each of the pattern pieces for your vest. You will be making the felt for your vest by hand so each panel of your vest becomes a 'painter's canvas' for your own choices of pattern and color. The designs on your felt can be quite simple or detailed, and sewing your vest can be very easy or more detailed depending on your sewing level. Custom design possibilities include asymmetrical button front, standing collar, or pockets placed for your necessities. This is a brand new class at North House developed as a collaboration by instructors passionate about felting and garment making. Some sewing experience will be helpful for students in this class and some felting experience will be needed, enough so you know how to lay out, wet down, and make a piece of felt on your own.

Currently Scheduled Sessions

No sessions currently scheduled for this course.

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