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Sami Knitting Traditions: Skolt Mittens

Course Overview

What type of knitting is associated with the Sámi? The majority of traditional Sámi clothing is made of reindeer skin or wool felt. Very little is knit, except for mittens. This session will explore the knitting motifs of the Skolt Sámi, whose traditional homeland lies at the junction of Norway, Finland and Russia. Skolt Sámi mittens are distinct from those of the Sámi to the west, because their patterns were created altering every colored-stitch with a main-colored-stitch, almost always in a natural, cream-colored wool. The Skolt Sámi motifs have retained their patterns’ names, almost all of which are associated with elements of nature. Birch leaves, ptarmigan’s foot, boat’s bow… these are just a few of the Skolt Sámi motifs in store! Join instructor Laura Ricketts in casting on and knitting a mitten with symbolic, Skolt patterns while examining this rich tradition in wool. Students should know how to knit, purl, knit in the round, and have stranding experience.

Course Details

Length: 1 day