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Norwegian Tollekniv: From Forge to Finish

Course Overview

Tollekniv comes from the old Norse words "talga"—to work wood with an edge tool—and "knifr," knife. The tollekniv comes in many different shapes and styles depending on region. There are several different types of knives in the kitchen; the same is true in a woodshop; for example, a utility tollekniv might not be the best knife for carving a spoon. In this course, students will be forging the blade and carving the handle of a tollekniv for the belt—one you carry with you all the time—perfect for sharpening your pencil and also for more rough work out in the forest or on the farm. When you get used to wearing one you will feel naked without it!

Students will start by forging, heat-treating and grinding a laminated blade in the blacksmith shop. Then they will fit and shape a birch handle to a leather seat so it fits with an audible “snap”.  The sheath will be made of wood and leather, and the wood will be exposed on the bottom in the Sámi style (albeit with wood instead of bone). Students will have the opportunity to carve and paint their handle; creativity is encouraged in this course!

Currently Scheduled Sessions

No sessions currently scheduled for this course.