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Natural Dyes Beyond the Basics: 2 & 3 Color Mixes

Course Overview

Dip into the long history of natural dyes and discover the color choices they offer, mordanting techniques, the dyeing process, and some color theory. We will use readily available extract dyes like indigo, cochineal, quabracho red, logwood, pomegranate, fustic, and madder. First, we will dye yarn samples in each of these colors, by themselves, to get an idea of their hues and depth of shade. After this is where the color theory comes in. We will combine colors for an extension to our color palate to get a variety of greens, olives, melons, plums, purples, and reds. We will also talk about the process for extracting dyes from common “weeds” like Queen Anne’s Lace and Goldenrod, and about plants that can be grown and harvested for dyeing like marigolds and Golden Margarite. Students will take home dyeing instructions, many samples, information on each of the dyes used, and source lists on where to get them. This class is for everyone interested in natural dyes, even those with no experience.

Currently Scheduled Sessions

No sessions currently scheduled for this course.