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Irish Fiddle Workshop

Course Overview

Over the years, Patrick has developed a style and repertoire very much associated with the music of east Clare and east Galway. His greatest influences come from musicians he had the fortune to learn from firsthand, such as the legendary fiddler Paddy Canny and flute players Jack Coen and Peadar O’Loughlin. Other important influences come from the great fiddlers Paddy Fahey and Bobby Casey. At each workshop one or more tunes will be taught. Patrick only teaches by ear and strongly recommends students bring along some type of recording device (with the exception of video cameras, which require prior authorization). The tunes taught are often chosen after having assessed the level and need of the students. Whenever possible, written music will be handed out at the end of the workshop. In a typical session, Patrick will show students various bow patterns, as well as left hand and bow hand ornamentation for each tune. Other technical aspects will be covered during workshops, based on levels and needs of students. They include basic finger placements on the fingerboard, constructive suggestions on holding the instrument, as well as tips on developing or improving tone and on how to practice more efficiently. The emphasis of the workshops will be on listening, and Patrick will discuss the importance of simplicity in interpretation of the music. He will place a greater importance on expression and keeping the melodic integrity of the tunes rather than on technical display and speed.

Course Details

Length: 2 Hours