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Intermediate Flintknapping

Course Overview

This course is for students who have basic skills in flintknapping and who want to move on to the next level in this artform. We will begin class with a review of the skills in percussion knapping, pressure flaking and problem solving. We will also review how to thin down a biface by “raising the edge” and then carry this technique to the pressure flaking stage. Students will also be instructed on how to work a slab of stone with a combination of both percussion and pressure flaking techniques using 3 different tools, a medium sized bopper, a large pressure flaker and an “ishi” stick. A brief introduction to new tools for a flintknapping tool kit will be discussed along with art that can be made with a completed arrowhead. “FOG” or “flake over grinding” knapping will also be explained. The materials fee includes: practice stone and tools for class use, 1 biface, 1 ground preform, 1 5/16"x2"x4" slab of obsidian, and materials to create an arrowhead lapel pin.

Course Details

Length: 1 Day