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Fiber Art

In Search of the Perfect Green and Orange: Natural Dyes

Course Overview

Spend a day with natural dyes, and learn an exciting avenue into color possibilities from ancient traditions. This class will cover some of the long history of natural dyes, the color possibilities they offer, mordanting techniques, extraction process, dyeing methods, and some color theory. With so many dye plants readily available, and most of them giving a variety of yellows, this class will concentrate not only on these yellows, but on the variety of greens and oranges for which they serve as a basis. Students will take home many samples, instructions, and knowledge of how to dye from nature on their own. As always, enthusiasm for beautiful color and for the fun process will abound! This class is open to students age 16+.

Required Tools 

  • Apron
  • Rubber gloves
  • 2 old towels
  • Plastic 12 small baggies & marking pen that will write on baggie
  • Calculator
  • Pen and paper

Currently Scheduled Sessions

Sat, Feb 17th, 2024  –  Sun, Feb 18th, 2024
9am-4pm each day
Instructor: Stefania Isaacson