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Fiber Art

In Search of Color: Winter Natural Dye Workshop

Course Overview

Spend a winter weekend generating golden hues with natural dyes. We will explore plant materials from garden and field, how to extract the dye and how to create our own dye pot. Yes, it's February, and nothing is blooming right now, so, just how are we going to do this? Many dye plants can be frozen or dried, and these are what we will use. We will also use some extracts made from dyes to which we don't have access, such as Fustic and Quebracho Yellow. This class will cover some of the long history of natural dyes, the color possibilities they offer, mordanting techniques, extraction process, dyeing methods, and some color theory. With so many dye plants readily available, and most of them giving a variety of yellows, this class will concentrate not only on these yellows, but on the variety of greens and oranges which can be produced by over-dyeing with madder and indigo. Students will take home many samples, instructions, and knowledge of how to dye from nature on their own. Students who are interested may register for just one day of this course for a reduced tuition rate—call for details.

Currently Scheduled Sessions

No sessions currently scheduled for this course.