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Hand-Forged 'Using' Knife

Course Overview

This class is just what the title suggests—making a knife that is meant to be used—in the garden or forest, for cooking or hunting. We will begin by hand-forging a blade of high-carbon steel, starting from round stock.  With the blade forged to shape, we will do heat treatments of annealing, hardening, and tempering to get a knife that is able to hold an edge while being "tough" enough to withstand use. Students will then either forge guards, or cast bolster and pommel fittings. All finishing and sharpening will be done with files, sandpaper, and stones. We’ll work with antler, wood, or bone for handling our custom, handmade knives, ready to be used. Students are encouraged to bring their own special handle material, though the instructor will have plenty available. This class is appropriate for beginning and intermediate smiths.

Course Details

Length: 3 Days

Currently Scheduled Sessions