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Special Event

Get Down with Your Past Self: Storytelling Workshop with Kevin Kling

Course Overview

Storyteller Kevin Kling is back with a new workshop exploring our oldest folk art! Tall tales, myths, folktales and poems came over the ocean with waves of immigrants to a land where a powerful storytelling culture already existed. How did our family narratives bring comfort, community and resiliency?  How did they change to address new challenges? For this workshop bring a story, myth or folktale from your family's past or a traditional story that feels personally relevant.  Stories from our ancestors speak to us from a deeper place and can reveal unexpected wisdom. We will explore how our own stories fit in this pantheon. How do our stories connect us through time, landscape and culture? We each, after all, are the hero of our own story. North House is the perfect place to honor one of our oldest of the folk arts.

Currently Scheduled Sessions

No sessions currently scheduled for this course.