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Forging the Scandinavian Small Forest Axe

Course Overview

The Scandinavian small forest axe was designed to be light and portable, commonly used while hiking to gather wood, and used in wood carving. Students will learn to forge the axe head, harden and temper, and fit the handle with bladesmith Robert Burns. The heads will be created using the wrapped and forge-welded method of construction which uses a low carbon steel body and high carbon steel for the edge. The heads will then be forged to shape and refined by hand with files. Students will leave with a fully functional and razor sharp axe ready to use for camp chores, felling, or carving. Small adjustments to the alignment, shape, and grind of the bit can greatly affect the axe's performance in different applications. Students will be able to subtly tweak their axe for best performance. Some forge welding experience and knowledge of basic forging techniques such as drawing out, bending, and punching (the more the better) is very helpful.

Course Details

Length: 6 Days