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Forging Steel-Faced Woodworking Tools

Course Overview

The quest for high-quality woodworking tools can take you far and wide: auctions, rummage sales, museums, dusty garages…it’s a life-long search for hidden gems. This course proposes an alternative: why not forge your own laminated woodworking tools the old-fashioned way? After three days of work, you have the potential to add a drawknife, mortising chisel, scorp and spoon bit to your toolbox, specifically designed for your preferences. All will have a body of mild steel and high-carbon steel at the cutting edge. The drawknife will be 8”-9” in size and is highly versatile. The scorp is used primarily for smoothing and hollowing out bowls. The mortising chisel presents some forging challenges, but is useful in log building and boatbuilding projects. The spoon bit, a “skjenavar” in Norwegian, is used for boring and scooping out wood. As time allows, gouges and other chisels can be made.

Course Details

Length: 3 Days